About MAP

M.A.P. fze is a pharmaceutical Marketing and Management services company. Located in UAE, RAKFTZ, Business Park, BC1, PO Box 16111, License number: 6001764

Our Mission:

To develop the pharmaceuticals sales and distribution business for our partners through:

  • Analyze the potential opportunities and conduct the market research
  • Create well studied achievable, realistic, and profitable projects.
  • Manage the project process (sales, marketing, strategy, promotion, work group, pharmacovigilance … etc.)
  • Follow up periodically the performance and the achievement of the expected profit.
  • Ensure steady growth

Our vision:

To be classified as the best sales and marketing company that offers the ideal business development solutions for pharmaceutical

companies for the sales and distribution of Healthcare products in the Middle East.

Based on the fact that MAP’s honorarium will be a percentage from the sales, MAP choose their project carefully showing very high level of commitment for success.